Peru may best be known as the place to see Incan ruins and eat a great ceviche, but what most don’t know is how strong and vibrant the female MMA scene is down in that South American country. In fact, you might say that unarmed combat among females is part of their DNA, and reinforced by ritualistic fisticuffs throughout the entire culture.

Take the video below as an example. In it are clips from the latest season of the Peruvian version of “The Ultimate Fighter” (although, presumably, instead of a tricked-out TUF House, the contestants live in an adobe hut – but whatevs). While the skill levels of the fighters may vary, there’s a lot of promise and potential on display.

Will any of the lovely ladies in the video be challenging UFC champ Ronda Rousey or Invicta FC champ Michelle Waterson anytime soon? Hey, you never know.