He was THE Brazilian heavyweight striker elite in the late ’90s, and now he’s officially hung up the gloves. Last night, after defeating his opponent via leg-kicks at Face to Face 12 in Brazil, Pedro Rizzo announced that he’s done competing.

As per MMAFighting:

Days after Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s announcement that he will no longer fight, fellow UFC veteran Pedro Rizzo competed for the last time. Headlining Face to Face 12 in Vitoria, Brazil, on Saturday night, “The Rock” landed several vicious low kicks on Andrew Flores in the first round, forcing the Hawaiian to give up between the first and second rounds.

“I was really nervous, and I haven’t felt like that in a long time,” Rizzo admitted after the fight. “We hear other fighters say, and it’s true. I was scared. Not about the fight, but about this moment. I wanted to show my students how it is.

“I don’t need to fight anymore, but I wanted to fight one more time for my students and my daughter, who is eight years old and wanted to see me fight. Now is time for the new athletes and talents to shine. It all ended how it started, with low kicks in Brazil.”

Rizzo debuted in the Octagon at UFC: Brazil in 1998 and soundly defeated David “Tank” Abbott, although his most memorable battles were against Randy Couture. These took place when Zuffa first bought the UFC, so they marked a new era for the sport (and cemented Couture’s status as legend).