Remember those “street smart” martial arts that were full of groin strikes and eye gouges? I’m not saying Paulo Costa practices those, but man did he do a number on poor Uriah Hall‘s family jewels and eyeballs.

As the “main event” of the prelims, Costa and Hall had responsibility for providing just the right amount of action to convince those on the fence to buy the pay-per-view. And I suppose they did.

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Whatever heat there was between them prior to this bout translated into a some bad intentions in the cage, with Costa cutting off the cage and throwing the hellacious kicks to the body and power punches at Hall’s head. Hall kept that jab in the Brazilian’s face, though, and Costa was getting frustrated… time to kick Hall in the nuts and gouge his eyes!

After a restart, Costa grazed Hall’s cup with his glove, sending a clear message: “I don’t want you to reproduce.”

Hall got some good licks in, tagging Costa with a right hand to the temple that made homeboy wobble, but the end came when Hall let his foe flurry unabated, and eventually those punches got through.

Results: Paulo Costa def. Uriah Hall via TKO (Punches) at 2:38, R2