In case you missed it, lightweight Muay Thai ace Paul Felder was in desperate need of an opponent for Saturday night’s UFC 226, so he agreed to face welterweight slugger Mike Perry. And Perry beating him to a bloody pulp.

Usually, Felder is the most technically superior striker in the cage, and that was true when he faced Perry. But it was almost like a boy fighting a man the way Perry hoisted Felder up and threw him down, and though Felder was sharp with his knees and elbows, Perry just walked through it all.

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Don’t weep for Felder, though. He’s still got that commentator and fight analyst gig (that he’s really good at), and though he lost, his stock probably went up a bit. After all, he never wavered, and went the distance with what was probably a broken arm (sustained landing a spinning backfist on Perry’s head in Round 1).