The absolute best dancer on the UFC’s roster, Paige VanZant, is going to be chilling outside of the Octagon for a while. She was nursing a broken arm, but apparently it hasn’t healed correctly, and needs to be re-broken.


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When last we saw VanZant, she was losing to Jessica-Rose Clark, and before that she lost to Michelle Waterson. But she kicked butt on “Dancing With the Stars” and won an episode of “Chopped”. So, yeah, she’s doing okay… not counting that broken arm.

❗Arm Update❗ I unfortunately and sadly have to inform all of my fans who have been standing by my side that my arm surgery has failed. For whatever reason my bone still is totally broken in my arm and shows no sign of healing or progression. All that we can guess is that I went back to training too quickly and didn’t give my arm the proper time to heal without any motion. This is the downfall of athletes, pushing through pain when they should not. I will be going in for another more serious surgery next month where they will take bone fragments from my hip to fill the break and put another bigger plate in. I will take the time off to heal this go around. I will be back to the UFC and I will fight many more fights in the future. Send some prayers up for me for recovery. Thank you.

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