Do you like violence? Do you like watching dudes kill each other in a cage pretty much uninhibited by the Unified Rules and common human decency? Then One FC is the promotion for you!

The Asian fight organization had another installment today – roughly their eight-hundredth event this year – and though the Philippines played host, the fights could very well have gone down in the lawless wasteland of post-apocalyptic Australia (i.e., the Thunderdome). Unless you’re a ultra-hardcore fan of the scene in the Far East, the only recognizable names on the card were Roger Gracie, James McSweeney, Brandon Vera and Bibiano Fernandes, but regardless of whether you knew who the fighters were going in, they were all meat traveling down a conveyor belt into the gaping maw of a meat grinder.

Watch these clips and you’ll see some people come really close to death. The only other thing I’m going to say is, “Soccer kicks. God damn.”