If you were a fan of MMA back in 1998, you probably remember how little of the sport there was to take in. There were about five UFCs a year, and you could only see them if you had a satellite dish (which was somewhat uncommon in those days), so many of us eagerly waited for the regional shows like King of the Cage and Extreme Challenge to circulate videotapes of their shows. And when we got a hold of them… gold, Jerry. It was pure gold.

Below is a video from a 1998 Extreme Challenge installment that took place in Utah. Back then, there were tons of idiots who thought their 170-pound, Tae Kwon Do-trained asses would cut a swath of devastation in the cage the likes of which had never before been seen. Did I mention they were all idiots who knew nothing about how real fighting worked?

The promoter of Extreme Challenge was Monte Cox, and I spoke to him years ago about this very fight. He said he was reluctant to give the Tae Kwon Do guy Jeremy Bullock a fight, but Bullock was persistent, so he had the ultra-experienced Travis Fulton face him. However, he told Travis to go easy on him, to refrain from striking with the dude and instead just grapple.

So yeah, he only grappled, and this is the result: