There’s a perverse pleasure involved in watching an old man defy the expectations of age and body and deliver an ass-whooping to a young upstart. Of course, rarely does that happen in the real world – as WorldStarHipHop has shown us, old dudes get messed up by young dudes all the time. It’s the natural order of things.

But not in the video below! In a cagefight in God Knows Where, in a bout that was probably about as sanctioned as a Bronx cockfight, a man purported to be 53 took on a spry kid around 21. Although the two fight like they’ve never done a day of cardio in their lives (and they probably haven’t), the result is exceedingly satisfying.

Afterwards, make sure you show that old dude who lives alone in the house on the corner some respect. And make sure you stay off his damn lawn!