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Once again, it’s time for the old, salty veteran to test the mettle of the young up-and-comer.

UFC Fight Night 129 is coming to us this weekend from Santiago, Chile, because why not. And of course, the main event features old timer Demian Maia taking on TUF 21 winner Kamaru Usman. You may remember Maia from his sometimes absolutely dominant displays of jiu-jitsu and sometimes utterly embarrassing fights when that jiu-jitsu wasn’t able to be employed.

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You may remember Usman from… ha, just kidding. You don’t remember Usman. Because although he’s managed to stay undefeated since winning TUF, he’s fought no one. Nada. Just a bunch of no-name dudes.

But hey, he’s finally got an opponent with some name recognition in Maia, so this could be Usman’s chance to turn that corner!

Other than a dismal outing against Tyron Woodley, Maia hasn’t really shown that he’s slowing down. Usman could always counter-wrestle him, drawing upon those high-level collegiate wrestling skills of his, but I don’t know if the young buck truly has it in him to trounce the ancient jiu-jitsu man. Not yet at least.

Here’s Maia doing what he does best.