Yesterday I posted a crazy Russian MMA fight and painted a picture that that sort of thing doesn’t happen here in the States. Okay, maybe MMA here gets a little crazy too.

The video below is a clip from AXS-TV’s “Inside MMA” show, and in it Dominick Cruz, Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten examine some whacked out calls that have happened in the regional MMA circuit. And yeah, they’re pretty whacked out.

Some things to note when watching the nonsense that transpires in the cage:

  • At best, regional MMA shows are run by an athletic commission that knows what it’s doing in terms of regulating and officiating MMA events. At worst, they’re run by an athletic commission that has no idea what it’s doing – or there is no athletic commission, and the promoter is handling things himself.
  • The level of care you see take place at a UFC or Bellator event on TV is, sadly, not the same level of care shown at lower-level shows. Of course everyone – from the judges on down to the doctors and inspectors – is going to be wearing their suit and tie and doing their best when they know they’re going to be on FOX or SpikeTV. But if a tree falls in a casino on some out-of-way Indian reservation in Southern California, forget about anyone noticing that it had tapped out.
  • Mixed martial arts is still a relatively young sport, and youngsters can get stupid at times.

Okay, enjoy the video.