Note to self: Do not try to rob any bars in Washington, D.C., as there may be a chance the bartender has trained in mixed martial arts.

Such was the case with this story out of DC, where a robber in a ski mask attempted to rob a bar at knifepoint, and got clocked with a right hook for his efforts. The video below is the local news clip on it. From what I gather, the bartender who did the punching isn’t actually a fighter, he’s just trained in MMA for years.

You know, in the good old days you could rob almost anyone with fear that they were highly trained in unarmed combat. But ever since the UFC arrived and the popularity of such athletic endeavors has risen, now you never know who’s got Muay Thai and/or jiu-jitsu under the belt. In other words, there are so many hidden cans of whoopass out there. So many.