We got to know Randa Markos during a season of TUF. She didn’t come close to winning it, but since than has managed to score some notable wins in between her losses.

Nina Ansaroff has done moderately well herself, but despite being a capable kickboxer, is more well known in her role of girlfriend to bantamweight Amanda Nunes.

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As a grappling specialist, Markos wastes no time clinching up and pushing Ansaroff against the fence. And though it takes a long time for her to get Ansaroff down, eventually she does, and spends the late part of Round 1 dominating position.

But Ansaroff is no fool, and makes adjustments in Round 2, chopping at Markos’ lead leg with kicks and moving laterally to avoid the clinch. Markos can’t even latch onto her, much less wrestle her to the ground, and with her striking edge, Ansaroff takes the round.

The same thing happens in the third round, and when time runs out, it’s a no-brainer who deserves the decision.


Results: Nina Ansaroff def. Randa Markos via Unanimous Decision