The reality show “Dana White’s Looking for a Fight” gave us Randy Brown, and thus far, Brown has had some decent wins in the Octagon to offset a few losses.

It takes a bold white dude to rock the corn rows in his hair, but Niko Price is one such bold dude.

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Brown is all lanky limbs and movement in the first, with Price throwing heat and Brown firing back. It’s pretty even in terms of striking effectiveness… until Brown lands a knee to Price’s dome that wobbles him at the bell.

Round 2 sees Brown get Price down, and pound away from the top as Price swivels and goes for a heelhook attempt. But somewhere along the way Price traps Brown’s head with his foot as a backstop, and when he wails away with hammerfists (from the bottom), he knocks Brown unconscious.

Well, okay then.


Results: Niko Price def. Randy Brown via KO (Hammerfists) at 1:09, R2