There is a long list of awful things that could happen to a person who competes at a grappling tournament, but the video below takes it to the extreme.

Picture if you will a man who shelled out the entrance fee to compete. He’s put in his time on the mat, and wants to test his skills. It is the most noblest of motivations in the realm of athletics. And yet, when he’s working within his opponent’s guard, his opponent manages to slip a leg out, twist his hips and go for an omoplata – which is punctuated by an apparently highly toxic fart.

Our poor hero is directly in the line of fire, and his immediate reaction is to barf. Right there. On the mat, in the middle of the match.

Sadly, puking constitutes an immediate disqualification, so in addition to getting farted on and yakking, he’s lost.

Watch and feel compassion for this hapless warrior.