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Chris Weidman got boned by the athletic commission pretty badly when he fought Gegard Mousasi in New York earlier this year. After eating some knees that referee Dan Miragliotta suspected may have been illegal, but were deemed fine John McCarthy at cageside, New York State Athletic Commission doctors called for a stoppage in Mousasi’s favor. It was a giant screw up, and blame rested squarely on the shoulders of the a commission that’s only been regulating MMA for a short time (remember: New York legalized MMA just last year).

But apparently the Commission is learning, because they’ve decided to allow cageside instant replay so the in-cage referee can make better calls. Now if they could only handle weigh-ins better, and stop messing with female fighters that have breast implants…

As per Newsday:

Under NYSAC policy now, the in-ring referee is permitted to view the sequence that ended a fight to determine the correct outcome. Such a review only can occur in the time between the fight being stopped and the final decision being announced. The in-ring referee may consult with the alternate referee, but authorization to make the final call rests solely with the in-ring referee.

No fight can resume after the instant replay review.

“This policy sets forth a process for the use of instant replay at ringside, adding clarity, transparency and predictability,” a NYSAC spokesperson wrote Thursday in an email to Newsday.