The Nevada State Athletic Commission met yesterday, and one of the topics of discussion was the extracurricular activity that occurred at the end of UFC 229. Specifically, champ Khabib Nurmagomedov going cray-cray and jumping into the audience after tapping out Conor McGregor. And also, McGregor duking it out with Khabib’s teammates.

As a matter of procedure, both Khabib and McGregor were suspended on fight night, and Khabib’s entire purse was withheld.

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Well, the Commission ended up suspending both fighters indefinitely, pending a hearing where Khabib and McGregor will have to be present to face the music (the fighters weren’t there, yesterday).

However, the Commission did release a portion of Khabib’s purse to him, so now the Dagestani fighter has about a million bucks to pay his bills and polish that furry hat.

As per MMAJunkie:

Representing the NSAC, Nevada deputy attorney general Caroline Bateman laid out the commission’s current case against the fighters, which alleges their actions constitute a “discredit to unarmed combat” and “unsportsmanlike conduct,” as well as violating Nevada law.

Specifically, Bateman called Nurmagomedov the “catalyst” for the incident. But she also took note of McGregor’s actions immediately afterward. No other alleged participants in the brawl were mentioned in the state’s initial remarks. Bateman added NSAC executive director Bob Bennett is still working on the formal complaints against the fighters and will have it done for a hearing in December.