Nevada State Athletic Commission boss Pat Lundvall – who’s been the been of fighters who dared stand up for themselves – is getting the axe.

Here’s MMAFighting with the scoop:

One of the country’s most high-profile athletic commissioners is coming to the end of her run.

Pat Lundvall’s appointment on the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) will end this month after nine years, sources told MMA Fighting. Her last day will be Oct. 31 and she will not be re-appointed.

Lundvall told colleagues of the news in an e-mail Friday that was obtained by MMA Fighting.

“I received a call yesterday from the Governor’s Office,” she wrote. “I learned I am not being reappointed to the NAC. My term expires at the end of this month.”

The only downside to Lundvall leaving is that she was the reason the Nevada Commission was such a clown show. Oh well…