The UFC machine keeps chugging along and waits for no one.

The UFC knows this, although they definitely wish they could wait for the bounty that comes whenever Conor McGregor fights.

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Nate Diaz also knows this, and as a dude who loves the act of fighting more than he loves the money that comes with it, he’s getting sick of waiting around for that trilogy fight with McGregor.

Diaz wants back in the cage.

He also thinks that Tyron Woodley would be a good opponent. As per ESPN:

“I’m getting to the point where I’m sick of not fighting. I’m not getting any younger,” Diaz told ESPN. “I put that tweet out saying I wanted to fight in May or June, but I didn’t say who because I was weighing my options. And now, Woodley is my best option.

“I see him on TMZ every week, talking about me. I’m like, ‘What the f—? If that’s what you want to do.’ It’s not really my weight class, but I’m with it. I think it’s my title we’re fighting for. If he’s the one calling me out, whose title are we fighting for? Who’s the real champion here?”

When asked when he’d like the fight to take place, Diaz mentioned UFC 226 on July 7 as a possibility. His preference is to fight in Las Vegas.

“I’d like a good two or three-month camp,” Diaz said. “We’ll figure it out. There’s definitely going to be something. I’m trying to fight.”