The end of New York’s 2015 legislative is upon us, which means the battle to lift the state’s ban on professional MMA events – in place since 1997 – is raging. Unlike in previous years, though, the battle is for once going in our favor.

That’s right, it appears very likely that New York is about to make sanctioned MMA legal.

Last week, the MMA bill was revamped to include all sorts of protections for fighters, including mandatory MRIs for head trauma and insurance coverage, and that did the trick in garnering never-before-seen support. We will see a resolution either sometime today, tomorrow or Friday (remember: the New York State legislature is working on other “important” stuff too, like education reform and rent control laws, so those things might take precedence).

What will this ultimately mean for MMA fans? Well, for starters, that December 5 show at Madison Square Garden the UFC was planning will happen. Also, expect Bellator to do something in New York City before then.

It’s finally happening, folks. It’s finally happening.