Since 2012, Carlos Condit has lost seven of nine fights. Since winning TUF, Michael Chiesa has only lost three, but his days as a lightweight are probably over, so as a welterweight appetizer he got Condit at UFC 232. Guess what happened?

First of all, let’s remember that once upon a time Condit was a well-rounded badass. He was deadly on the feet, and deadly on the ground, and tough as hell. So when Chiesa did everything in his power to avoid a stand-up battle, and latched onto Condit like his life depended on it, well, sure, why not. The Condit of old wouldn’t tore him up with strikes.

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So the fight inevitably went to the ground, where Condit came damn close with an armbar. Chiesa escaped though, and more or less controlled him for the first round.

Then came Round 2, and this time Chiesa simply secured the arm and got the tapout via a kimura. Look, Condit isn’t nearly as bad off as BJ Penn, but someone needs to make this guy retire, too.