Talk about pent up aggression. There’s no question that Michael McDonald is one of the most dominant figures in the Octagon today — but at what cost? According to the young 22-year-old bantamweight, he’s enjoying an abstinent (no sex) life. We learned during his Road to the Octagon special from McDonald himself that he has not had sex in over three years! And yes, he retains a girlfriend in the process. Here’s what McDonald had said recently on his prideful lifestyle choice.

“Yes and no (surprised by reaction). I am very proud of my abstinence. There was a time when it wasn’t even in my vocabulary. I’ve lived on both sides of the fence. People ask me, ‘Is it for your religious beliefs? Is it for your athletic believes? Why do you do this?’ I found it a little, wow, that people approached it and reacted to it almost the same as me saying, ‘Oh, I went three and a half years without food.’ Like I said, I lived on both sides of the fence and I know what God says and I decided that’s what I’m going to do because God says it. I’ve lived on both sides of the fence and now being on this side of the fence I just see that my life is better for it. I said I want to do this because God says it and after I did it I said, ‘This is, it’s great. It’s good.’ My life is better like this and I made the choice to stay this way and to keep it this way.” – MMA Hour

There is case studies that show a raise in testosterone levels from long periods (a week) without release, and McDonald is not the first to share this sentiment. Even female bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey has said she refrains herself on fight week. Will see if the boring bedroom life pays off as he takes on Nor Cal’s Urijah Faber this weekend on Dec. 14 in Sacramento, CA for UFC on Fox 9. As always, we will be providing full coverage of the event.