For some odd reason, a promotion in Italy signed Jason “Mayhem” Miller to a fight against former TUF competitor Luke Barnatt.

We all know this is an awful idea, as for years Mayhem has been sliding ever so gradually into the abyss of mental illness.

Well, now there’s some direct evidence as to Mayhem’s diminished intellectual capacity: In the video below, he talks about his upcoming fight against Josh Barnett.

Josh Barnett. The former UFC heavyweight champ. Who just fought Ben Rothwell recently. Yes, that guy.

Miller doesn’t even know who he’s fighting.

Sadly, since this bout is slated to take place in Italy, there’s really nothing any athletic commission can do to prevent it.

But all this concern is probably for naught anyway – Mayhem won’t fight. I predict at least two SWAT team standoffs to intrude upon his life before he ever gets on the plane.