Guess who’s back in jail again?

If you said Jason “Mayhem” Miller, well, duh, Captain Obvious. Who else would be in jail for the millionth time?

As per TMZ:

Ex-UFC star Mayhem Miller was arrested again — this time for vandalizing a tattoo shop — and officials have set his bail at a whopping $1 MILLION … TMZ Sports has learned.

Miller — who’s previously been arrested for DUI, fighting cops and domestic violence — was taken into custody Tuesday stemming from an incident back in January when officers say the 35-year-old vandalized the ink shop in Orange County, CA with graffiti.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Miller’s bail was set at $1,000,000!!!!!

We’re told the number is so high because Miller was out on bail at the time for a previous felony and has a deep, DEEP criminal record.

He’s currently behind bars … where he will probably stay for a while.

There is literally no chance Mayhem doesn’t get shot and killed by police within the next three years. No way.