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Local shows are the best. Obviously, the talent level never approaches anything you see in the UFC, but sometimes there are gems among the rising stars. And every now and then, something crazy happens at the event.

For example, I once went to an underground fight show in the Bronx where the loser of a fight left the venue angry, and returned with his crew and a gun. Security literally had to lock us in the building (thereby locking them out). Good times.

Below is a clip of some craziness that went down at a recent local show in Brazil. Thanks to MMAFighting‘s reporting, we know that the ref refused to acknowledge a fighter being choked out, so the fighter’s brother jumped into the cage, and… mayhem.

Watch and enjoy.

Ods: se não bater vai dormir, Mais uma Vitória graças a Deus fui agredido no final do combate mais deu tudo ok.

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