UFC 226 was supposed to see featherweight champ Max Holloway defend his belt against challenger Brian Ortega, but Holloway was a medical disaster in the days leading up to the fight, so the bout was called off.

What happened? According to the champ, doctors still haven’t been able to pin that down. But! He’s getting better.

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That’s something, I guess.

Here’s ESPN:

“I’ve seen multiple doctors and experts, but they haven’t been able to give any answers about what happened,” Holloway said. “But I’m OK. I’m going to fight again. That’s all we know.”

Holloway is still unsure exactly what caused his health to deteriorate the week of UFC 226. He said he never suffered an actual concussion in training. The Hawaii native said he said he was “conned” into going to the emergency room on Monday before the bout after being told he was going to do media obligations. He was released Tuesday afternoon but the symptoms continued and was deemed unfit to compete.

The UFC’s medical staff placed him on a 30-day suspension. He recently saw a specialist in Las Vegas who had good news.

“All of the tests were great,” Holloway says. “When you hear those kind of things, it’s great but yet scary. You want to know what’s wrong. It’s crazy we just don’t have the answers. I’m just glad I’m healthy and OK.”