Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

We devour our heroes in MMA, much like a black widow spider eats her mate, so of course we’re always hungry for the next big thing, the prospect who thrills us with promises of greatness. We chewed up and spit out Ronda Rousey, and before her it was Gina Carano. Who’s next?

I don’t know if Mackenzie Dern is that star-to-be, but given her good looks and high-level jiu-jitsu credentials, she could be.

So of course her winning performance at regional promotions Legacy Fighting Alliance on Friday is getting some spotlight.

Is she ready for the Octagon? Eh, I don’t know about that. I’m not even sure she’s ready for Invicta FC. But let’s admire her handiwork all the same, because in a year or two we could be talking about how we knew her before she became a star.