Make no mistake about it: For about 13 minutes of her 15-minute UFC debut bout, Mackenzie Dern looked average.

Ashley Yoder wouldn’t give up any takedowns, and whenever Dern came within range, Yoder fed her left hands that repeatedly knocked her head back.

But then, with about two minutes left in their bout, the highly-touted grappler nailed a takedown, and she proceeded to take Yoder’s lunch money like a schoolyard bully.

It almost didn’t get to that point. Throughout their bout, Dern relied too heavily on winging bolos as her sole striking technique, and Yoder wasn’t about to let those land clean. Even though she kept moving forward, Dern was getting pieced up.

Thank God for that final grappling sequence though, because once Dern got her down, she worked some serious magic, taking back-control and battering Yoder while fighting for the choke. Yoder defended, but just barely, and then the bell sounded.

Dern took the split decision. She’s still so green, but the potential is there. Let’s hope she realizes it soon.

Results: Mackenzie Dern def. Ashley Yoder via Split Decision