Apparently, Brazilian legend Vitor Belfort will retire without ever having learned the defense against the front kick.

Anderson Silva put Belfort away with that technique back at UFC 126, and at last night’s UFC 224, Lyoto Machida called upon the move – the most basic of karate tools – to knock “The Phenom” out.

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The first round saw more caution than action, with Belfort exploding once or twice but whiffing, and Machida running through his katas. But it was almost as if Mr. Miyagi had instructed Machida on the perfect strategy in between rounds, because when “The Dragon” came out for Round 2, he threw the kick and that was all she wrote.

Much, much respect to Belfort for staying in the game for so long. Regardless of whether or not his blood was replaced with synthetic hormones long ago, he helped build the sport into what it is today.