Like an in-shape human Kung Fu Panda, Li Jingliang has been repping China’s Octagon interests pretty well, winning in six out of nine UFC appearances, and scoring some knockouts along the way.

Japan’s Daichi Abe is 1-1 in the Octagon, but it’s too soon to tell if he’s got Jingliang’s ability to deliver and absorb punishment.

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From the outset, Jingliang is moving forward, firing off punches and kicks while his opponent tries to break up his rhythm with single kicks and punches. It doesn’t work, and as the minutes tick by, Jingliang is easing into the driver’s seat, dictating the pace and making Abe miserable.

Jingliang does take a few kicks to the thighs, and he gets wobbled once with a well-timed punch, but he’s in control, and when time runs out he’s clearly earned the decision.


Results: Li Jingliang def. Daichi Abe via Unanimous Decision