Events broadcast solely on Fight Pass sometimes carry with them a good slice of unintended comedy.

After all, Fight Pass events are far from the highest level of content the UFC produces – that distinction goes to their pay-per-views. No, the Fight Pass events are the “filler” events meant to satisfy contracts and build up the library. Still, the UFC has a big promotional apparatus at it’s disposal, so even these smaller events get a little bit of push. Which means that sometimes the promotional spotlight gets cast on a fighter wholly undeserving of the attention.

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Case in point: Leon Edwards. Today’s UFC Fight Night 127 comes to us from London, England, and the main event has former heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum taking on Alexander Volkov. But kicking off the main card is Edwards, who will be pitting his 6-2 Octagon record against Polish fighter Peter Sobotta.

Holy crap is that an inconsequential match-up.

There is literally nothing either man could do in that fight that could have an impact on the welterweight division. Edwards could punch Sobotta and Sobotta could explode like a cartoon character, and still there’d be no title shot. In fact, champ Tyron Woodley likely wouldn’t even tweet about it.

But hey, it’s a UFC event, and the promotional machine had to shine a light on someone, so here’s Edwards talking about how he’s working his way up to the belt.

To quote the great Conor McGregor: “Who da fook is dat guy?”