There is no way in hell Leon Edwards is a danger to any of the UFC’s top welterweights, but when it comes to regional UFC events, he can at least get the job done.

At UFC Fight Night 127, Edwards took on Peter Sobotta, which was a completely un-thrilling match-up for a London-based Fight Pass card. It also ended up being a somewhat “ho-hum” fight, although Edwards did manage to pound his foe out with one second left in the third round.

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We knew right off the bat Edwards was going to be a knockout threat when he plastered Sobotta early in the first. We also knew that Sobotta was going to be a dangerous submission threat when Edwards followed him down and was immediately caught in a tight armbar. Edwards escaped, but from then on he was going to be cautious about giving away his limbs.

What followed was the farthest thing from a crowd-pleaser, as both men were too afraid of making a mistake to take major risks. Sobotta tried to grapple some more, Edwards reversed and escaped and punished him, blah, blah, blah.

But we did get a finish, with Edwards gaining top position in the waning seconds of the final round and pounding away until the ref jumped in.

That’s something. Meanwhile, Leon Edwards… who da fook is dat guy?