Nothing beats top-notch conditioning, kickboxing skills, determination and drive.

Well, actually, bullets, bombs and drone strikes beat all that stuff. They beat them hard. Which is what Valdet Gashi – the infamous kickboxer turned jihadist learned recently.

I can’t vouch for this news source, but I’ll cite it anyway:

A former world champion kickboxer who left his home and family in Germany to join up with Middle East jihadists has died in Syria, Swiss television reported on Monday, citing his brother.

Valdet Gashi died last Saturday under circumstances that remain unclear, SRF, the Swiss public broadcaster, said.

According to media accounts, the 29-year-old German of Albanian descent linked up with Islamic State militants in January. In a telephone interview with SRF last month, he said he was trying to help build a modern calpihate in Syria.

“If I die while doing good, I of course will be glad,” it quoted him as saying at the time.

I’m all for fighting for what you believe in, but there comes a point when you have to realize that the soldier stuff should be left to professionals. After all, you can’t roundhouse kick a Tomahawk missile.