Khalil Rountree was a runner-up on a season of TUF, but he’s a big puncher, and there’s always room on the roster for big punchers.

Gokhan Saki is one of the most well-credentialed strikers in all of combat sports, with a K-1 championship under his belt, and the kind of kicks and punches that make the Earth tremble. Sure, Saki has only one prior fight in the UFC, and only two MMA bouts on his record overall, but whatevs, there was an underdog in this fight, and he wasn’t it.

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They come out measured and ready to throw strikes in range, and though Rountree is visibly bigger, it’s Saki who’s wielding the confidence. But then Rountree fires of a jab-cross combo right down the middle, and Saki goes down like a ton of bricks. A few more hammerfists and it’s all over.

Wow. Upset.


Results: Khalil Rountree def. Gokhan Saki via KO (Punches) at 1:36, R1