A fight video was unleashed upon the internet less than two weeks ago, and its combination of technical mastery and animal aggression has struck a chord with fight fans — it has been mentioned in hushed tones at every MMA forum, achieving almost four million views on YouTube along the way.

The video’s torrid action was dissected by that mysterious guru of MMA striking arts, Jack Slack, in his incomparable series at Fightland. Now, Slack admits some hesitation in discussing the bout, as it did not occur within the confines of a sanctioned event. But, the Briton, author of several excellent martial arts books, is finally forced to admit to the two combatants’ virtuosity.

Slack finally gushes, “Indeed, the Muay Thai on display was superior to what we see in many UFC main events.”

I write, of course, not of an obscure bare-knuckle “Leth Wai” kickboxing bout in Southeast Asia, nor of an underground MMA event in the bowels of New York (still struggling with legal issues), nor even an old-fashioned dojo challenge at a Rio jiu-jitsu academy.

I write, of the “Wild Kangaroo Street Fight Aussie Style.”

Note how the two fighters, who Slack dubbed Mursupuliano and Joey Frazier (although he offers no sources for their identities), effectively employ counters throughout the bout — said to be taken place in the suburbs of New South Wales.

Slack’s breakdown of the two’s push kicks, particularly the rare double kick:

The majority of the time it takes a jump and the resulting kick is weak, and there’s a good chance of falling on your back. But once again, the benefits of a tail are visible as both fighters use it as their base and are free to kick with both of their feet. A rare sight and really something to applaud in the silver lining of this whole sordid affair.

Is Kangaroo kickboxing this generation’s “Shaolin Five Animal Kung-Fu?” As the Shaolin monks mimicked the tiger, panther, snake, and crane — will the next UFC standout double-kick his or her way to championship gold? Will a prosthetic tail be the MMA world’s next TRT controversy?

I can’t make heads or tails of it — but I can say, this is a heck of a fight.