A little more than a month ago I posted about the death of a kickboxer in Milwaukee in an unsanctioned bout overseen by Anthony Pettis‘ coach, Duke Roufus – remember it? Video evidence suggests the fighter – who ate too many punches – should have had everyone from his cornerman to the ringside physician to the EMTs doing their part to save his life, but they all dropped the ball and now Dennis Munson Jr. is dead.

Well, here we are months after the death (it happened in March), and the criminal investigation has yielded no fruit. The event, though unsanctioned, was completely legal, and while former Roufus-trained fighters like Pat Barry and Rose Namajunas spoke out about the coach’s harsh methods, no one has really done anything else to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

But! At least the ambulance company present at the event might feel some heat. As per the Journal-Sentinel:

Curtis Ambulance failed to follow Milwaukee County Emergency Medical Services policies the night Dennis Munson Jr. collapsed and died after fighting in his first kickboxing match at the Eagles Club in March, according to a complaint filed with the state by county officials.

The private ambulance company should have taken Munson, who took repeated blows to the head during the fight, to Froedtert Hospital, the area’s designated Level One trauma center, in accordance with county EMS policy, the complaint says.

Curtis also did not file an event plan with the Milwaukee Fire Department as required by its contract with the city, it says.

The state will investigate the complaint and depending on what it finds could take action against Curtis, one of four private ambulance companies serving the city of Milwaukee.

It sucks that a fighter is dead, it sucks that he’s dead because so many people who were supposed to protect him failed him, and it sucks that perhaps only the ambulance company might face a modicum of justice.

All around, this situation sucks.