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Former heavyweight champ and all-around nice guy Junior dos Santos was supposed to face Francis Ngannou at UFC 215, but USADA swooped in like a hungry pterodactyl and put the kibosh on that.

Since then, the Brazilian has been languishing in administrative hell, waiting for USADA to conduct their tests and determine that yes, he failed a drug test because of tainted supplements.

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And guess what? They have finally come to that conclusion.

As per ESPN:

“I am not a cheater,” dos Santos told ESPN. “Since the first day we found out about this, we have cooperated with USADA and done everything they’ve asked or suggested to prove this was not intentional doping. It’s taken a really long time.”

“We want to know the real results of fights, but in a case like this, with a diuretic, I think they should have allowed me to continue my life until they proved it was my fault. If they prove that, they can do whatever they want. But if I prove I’m innocent, I’m here for almost nine months, doing nothing with my life. I want to keep fighting for a long time, but I don’t have any time to lose.”

Immediately after his failed test, dos Santos submitted multiple supplements to be tested for contamination. Initially, he did not even test any supplements from the Brazilian pharmacy, as he had built a high level of trust with the facility over time.

The Farmacia Analitica supplements were eventually tested, however. In December, USADA confirmed several bottles were in fact contaminated with hydrochlorothiazide. Per USADA’s protocols, the agency still needed to obtain and test those specific supplements independently, before moving forward with dos Santos’ case. So, even though dos Santos had supplied tainted supplements, his case was still on hold.

“I was happy when those results came back, because I thought it was done,” dos Santos said. “They would see it’s not my fault and I could resume fighting. But then, they started to say other things, like maybe I could have contaminated them on purpose. I said, ‘My God, I’m not a chemist.'”

Poor JDS. Screwed by the system. Oh well. Now he can come back.