The World Series of Fighting crowned its inaugural world welterweight champion tonight at WSOF 6 in Coral Gables, Florida — with Steve Carl taking the honor via a triangle choke finish of Steve Burkman.

The bout was a back-and-forth affair, with both men having some success in standup exchanges and Burkman often incorporating a front choke into his offense. Carl found himself on the mat with Burkman striking on top in much of the first round, but returned the favor in the second: scoring an early takedown to advance to mount position. He struck well there, but Burkman would eventually escape for a takedown and ground-and-pound sequence of his own.

The third saw Carl nearly sink a rear naked choke and Burkman later come close to victory with his guillotine. In the fourth, Carl would rock back to avoid the front choke and catch Burkman trying to pass guard with a triangle.

Burkman went limp and the referee halted the action at 1:02 of the fourth round.

Carl would later reveal he was hospitalized with a bulging disc only two weeks prior to the bout, and was unhappy with his performance. Still, the victory would mark Carl’s sixth consecutive win. The Iowa native, whose background includes competition in the US Army Combatives program, is now 21-3 in MMA competition.

The loss ends a five-fight winning streak for Utah’s Burkman, who falls to 26-10.

At World Series of Fighting 6, Steve Carl defeated Josh Burkman by submission (triangle choke) at 1:02 of round four.