The reign of Jose Aldo as king of the featherweights was a dominant one. It also came to a dramatic end twice – first to Conor McGregor, then to Max Holloway. But you can’t take away what Aldo had done, and who he is… and what he is is a dude with killer, killer striking.

Jeremy Stephens is also a deadly cat with his strikes, and his explosive punching power and speed has him riding a three-fight win streak. It’s time for the UFC on FOX 30 co-main event, folks.

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The kicks, though thrown, are purely academic, and show us that both men are capable of throwing them. The movement, though used to stand at the edge of their opponent’s range and keep them safe while maintaining optimal offensive distance, is also academic. No, what matters in this scrap is their respective boxing, and almost immediately, we see both men throw insane hands.

At first, Stephens seems to score, and he gets Aldo boxed in near a section of the fence and swings away. But Aldo expertly bobs and weaves and nothing lands, and then they’re banging away furiously again… with Aldo nailing Stephens square in the solar plexus with two shovel-hooks and dropping him.

The former champ follows him down and batters him, and though Stephens tries to move and show active defense, when he rolls to the turtle position he’s practically defenseless, prompting the ref to jump in.

Man, what a fantastic fight.



Results: Jose Aldo def. Jeremy Stephens via TKO (Punches) at 4:19, R1