Canadian Jordan Mein and American Alex Morono have the honors of headlining the prelims of UFC on FOX 30, because, you know, this card is in Calgary, Canada, and they need someone to root for.

And why not root for Mein? A few years back, he was a promising young banger good for putting on a show. Sure, he went on a three-fight losing streak, but he eventually broke that streak by beating Erick Silva.

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Morono is a jiu-jitsu black belt who’s had mixed success in the Octagon… really, that’s all you need to know.

Once the ref says “Go!” these dudes come out swinging, and though Mein is the more seasoned striker, Morono’s throwing bolos so hard that if any of them connect it could be lights out. So eventually Mein nails a sweep and throws Morono down, and stays in the jiu-jitsu guy’s guard like it’s nothing – because it is nothing. Seriously, Morono’s guard-work sucks.

Mein gets the takedown and controls from top-position in all three rounds, and though Morono briefly has his time on top in the third, he doesn’t doing anything with it. Mein cruises to a decision.


Results: Jordan Mein def. Alex Morono via Unanimous Decision