The “Iceman”, Chuck Liddell, was forced to retire back in 2010 because his once-impossibly tough chin turned fragile, and a strong gust of wind would knock him out.

But, like all legendary fighters who miss that glory (and need a paycheck), he’s un-retiring! And wants to face longtime rival Tito Ortiz!

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Appearing on “The MMA Hour” today, Liddell also mentioned some nonsense about fighting Jon Jones, the former UFC light-heavyweight champ who will likely be suspended due to drug infractions long after Liddell has died of old age.

After years of teasing a potential comeback, UFC Hall of Famer and former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell announced Monday on The MMA Hour that he is officially coming out of retirement. The 48-year-old Liddell is targeting a third fight against rival Tito Ortiz and is hopeful a deal gets done with Oscar de la Hoya to promote the contest under Golden Boy’s much-discussed potential move into the MMA space.

“I will fight again,” Liddell declared.

“It’s a real thing. They’re working on it.”

Liddell said a deal has yet to be finalized with Golden Boy but tentative plans are for the fight to go down in November in either Las Vegas or California.

The Iceman returning would be awful on many levels. Him facing Jones would just make it worse.

Anyway, here’s Jones’ response to the callout.