Jon Jones is drowning in the waters of oblivion, and it’s a swim he chose to undertake himself.

I mean, the dude repeatedly chose to throw away those UFC belts he earned – and all the accompanying accolades – with silly, self-defeating mistakes involving drugs and partying and deficiencies of character.

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Yes, he was the greatest. The greatest at fighting, as evidenced by him clearing out the light-heavyweight division and between current champ Daniel Cormier twice. He was also the greatest at blowing red lights and crashing cars, and fleeing on feet, and testing positive for whatever.

Currently, Jones is languishing in USADA suspension hell, and since it’s not his first violation, he’ll be out for a long while. By the time he returns, he’ll be more of a nostalgia attraction than anything else. And it’s possible he knows this, hence his Instagram post about reflecting on where he’s been and the growing he’s been doing since.

Whatever, dude. You’re a massive screw-up.

Time has a way of putting things into perspective. One year ago today I knocked out Daniel Cormier to reclaim my light heavyweight title. It was the culmination of all the sacrifice and hard work put in on the road back to where I truly know I belong. That’s at the top…the only place I’ve ever dreamed of being. Turns out it wasn’t a forever moment but a fleeting one as two weeks later I find out on TMZ of all places my title has been stripped and I’m suspended once again. To go from the spotlight to darkness, and have everything taken away from me again was a hardship the public will never truly understand. It bent me but did not break me and I had to learn to fight in a different way. I’ve spent the last year living right and getting healthy, but much of that work was spent correcting and repairing my mental space. Call it weakness if you will but even the toughest individuals need assistance getting back on track. I’ll be back, and when I am it will be a more complete version than the world has ever seen. You have to turn the lemons life gives you into lemonade, and you have to take time to sit back and enjoy it. The struggles don’t define you. It’s how you handle them that determines who you are. Be good, enjoy the day and God bless.

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