Anyone who’s seen that flick “Jerry McGuire” knows that a sports agent’s job is to both show his client the money and help keep the athlete’s image intact. Well, former champ but forever drugged-out mess Jon Jones was recently handed a light punishment by USADA because he availed himself of their “snitching policy”.

And now Jones’ agent, Malki Kawa, has been making the media rounds, pushing the narrative that nope, no way, Jones didn’t snitch.

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Except he did.

Here’s what Kawa said to ace journo Luke Thomas:

Malki Kawa told Luke Thomas on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour that Jones did not get a reduced suspension in his anti-doping case because he was informing USADA about performance-enhancing drug use by his teammates.

Jones was suspended 15 months, retroactive to July 2017, in the case due to what USADA described as “substantial assistance” and the belief by arbitrator Richard McLaren that Jones was not knowingly cheating. Jones tested positive for a steroid metabolite in relation to UFC 214 last year and has been adamant that he didn’t intentionally take a prohibited substance.

“It’s not like Jon Jones is sitting around in a room watching guys do steroids and then turning around and saying, ‘Oh, wait a minute, I just got popped, I’m gonna go tell on my poor teammates that I know for a fact are sitting in a room doing it, because I just watched them do it,’” Kawa said. “That’s not what happened. Jon goes to training, he trains and he leaves. There’s no hanging out in a room, there’s not going to a bathroom, there’s no shooting somebody up. He doesn’t do that.”

That’s all well and good… except it’s crap.

Hey, Kawa is just doing his job, so you can’t fault him too much. On the flipside, though… if you or someone you know has done juice with Jones, expect a visit from the authorities soon.