Jon Jones is fighting Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232.

Jon Jones will be returning from a lengthy USADA-induced suspension, brought about because he yet again failed a drug test – this time for steroids. However, Jones’ suspension was cut short because, well, he ratted out someone else (or maybe lots of other people). But in an interview with ESPN today, the former light-heavyweight champ and would-be all-time great made it sound like his failed drug test was all some sort of misunderstanding.

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Yup. Jon Jones is living in a fantasy world.

Here’s the ESPN clip:

Here’s the most salient bit, courtesy of MMAFighting:

“I’ve been able to do great things in this sport, and unfortunately I had a hiccup with this steroid situation, and I’m grateful that USADA came out and proved my innocence by saying, ‘Hey, this was a little bit of a misunderstanding,’ and it just goes to show how dominant I’ve been in the sport.”

Seriously? Dude, you failed a drug test. Ain’t no misunderstanding that!