At this point, you just have to expect them.

That’s right folks, Jon Jones – the former champ who cannot stay out of trouble – has failed a drug test prior to next weekend’s UFC 232. It’s for a minuscule, possible trace amount of steroid from his last drug test, but whateves. The point is, UFC 232 was supposed to take place in Las Vegas, but the UFC wants to keep Jones on the card (against Alexander Gustafsson). And since the Nevada State Athletic Commission is pretty much on holidays now, the UFC is packing everything up and holding the event in Los Angeles.

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Here’s MMAJunkie with the UFC’s spin:

UFC VP of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky said Jones’ positive test is not a violation. He said USADA, in consultation with other organizations, believes the test is a “pulsing” effect and not a new ingestion of the substance that he tested positive for after a UFC 214 win over Daniel Cormier in July 2017.

Novitzky described the amount of turinabol metabolites in Jones’ system in low “picogram” levels.

“A picogram is a one-trillionth of a gram,” Novitzky said. “If you put one grain of salt on the table and split it up into 50 million pieces, a picogram is one of those pieces of that gram of salt. These levels have shown up in the single and double digits of picograms – so such a small amount.”

Sure, buddy. Sure. Meanwhile, every fan who bought a ticket to see UFC 232 in Vegas is now screwed.

Also, Jon Jones sucks.