What do Wilson Reis and John Moraga have in common? Other than being opponents at UFC on FOX 29, they both lost handily to flyweight king Demetrious Johnson, and they’ve both amassed mottled records in the Octagon, despite being hella talented. But hey, that’s the flyweight division for ya, where no one truly shines.

As the hometown hero, Moraga is 100% on point with his counters, kicks and takedown defense from the outset, with jiu-jitsu master Reis stumbling from repeated inside leg-kicks and eating lots of leather. But an exposed neck is too tempting for Moraga to pass up, and the subsequent guillotine-slam escape-scramble has Reis doing what he does best and closing the distance on the scorecards. Moraga isn’t willing to give up the ghost though, and at one point he’s in top position threatening with a head/arm choke. When the horn sounds, you have to think Moraga is ahead.

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Reis keeps up pressuring his way into takedowns in the second – which is his best means of survival, because each moment on the feet has Moraga blasting him with jumping knees and counter punches. In the final minute the Brazilian takes the American’s back, and in the waning seconds Moraga reverses and drops some elbows. Geez is this one the very definition of “back and forth”!

In terms of imposing his will, Reis has more success in the third round, forcing the fight to the ground and eventually working onto Moraga’s back. Moraga even ends up with a cut on his forehead. When time runs out, Reis has definitely taken the round – but did the judges give him any of the previous rounds?

Results: John Moraga def. Wilson Reis via Unanimous Decision