Ross Pearson won a season of TUF back in the mid 1960s. Since then, he’s proven to be a tough cat in the Octagon, beating lots of folks yet never quite getting close to earning a championship belt. Also, he’s hella old.

Canadian John Makdessi has been one of the UFC’s go-to guys whenever they go up north, and though he’s fallen via some spectacular losses, he’s also earned some wins.

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With both men living and breathing the striking arts, this one is all about the stand-up battle. And you know what? Makdessi wastes no time finding Pearson’s face with his hooks and the Brit’s body with his kicks. Pearson scores too, because you can’t punch Pearson without taking some hits, but time has taken its toll, and he’s just not fast enough to move in and out like he used to.

By Round 3, Pearson is a bloody mess. He remains undaunted, wading in to clock Makdessi in the chops, but when time runs out, it’s clear the Canadian has earned the decision.


Results: John Makdessi def. Ross Pearson via Unanimous Decision