She may not be the strawweight champ anymore, but Joanna Jedrzejczyk is still a badass who took over the division with a heck of a lot of violence.

Tecia Torres has beaten some tough names in her UFC run, and although she’s racked up some losses lately, she’s still considered a tough customer in the cage. What happens when you put these two together?

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Torres comes out willing to throw strikes, and she learns pretty quickly that Jedrzejczyk is far superior when it comes to kickboxing, gauging range and timing counters. But when Torres switches to wrestling and tries to take the former champ down against the cage, she learns that Jedrzejczyk is damn good at stuffing takedowns, too. Sadly, it seems like getting Jedrzejczyk down was the crux of her strategy, and when that’s not forthcoming, she’s stuck playing the role of walking heavy bag.

This is the story for all three rounds, and though Torres scores with a frantic flurry in the waning seconds of Round 2, and briefly scores a takedown in the third, Jedrzejczyk very clearly takes all three rounds on the scorecards.


Results: Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Tecia Torres via Unanimous Decision