The UFC made the female flyweight division and devoted a season of TUF to crowning a champ (who hasn’t fought since), but there’s still some 125-pound females out there scrapping. One such female is Jessica-Rose Clark, who in two UFC appearances has taken out Bec Rawlings and Paige VanZant. In a division this young, that’s a freakin’ hot streak!

Jessica Eye has been swimming in the bantamweight pool for a long time, and has lost to just about everyone there. But now it’s flyweight time, and since she’s already notched a win in the new weight class, maybe this is the place for her.

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The first round opens with both ladies coming out banging, and it’s Eye who establishes dominance when she clips Clark with a punch that stumbles her. Clark regains her wits and tries to make up the lost points, but Eye’s got confidence, and her momentum is building.

For a brief instant Clark winds up on the ground in the second, with Eye working from top position, yet it doesn’t last long, and soon they’re banging away again on the feet.

In the third, Eye gets a takedown, and when they’re standing, she’s the one landing more. No finish comes, but Eye does look impressive. I guess 125 pounds is her sweet spot.



Results: Jessica Eye def. Jessica-Rose Clark via Unanimous Decision