Tonya Evinger wears the Invicta FC bantamweight crown like a majestic queen whose reign is one part magnanimous and just and two parts of extreme violence. Which is as it should be. But questions abound as to why a fighter considered to be one of the best in her weight class, and riding a ten-fight win streak, isn’t fighting for the UFC.

On Monday’s “The MMA Hour“, Evinger addressed that.

“It’s always bothered me,” Evinger said. “I work hard for whatever I’ve got. Same thing in wrestling and now this sport. The recognition comes from the people in power, I guess. They can make anybody a star. These kids, they’re a hype train, man. They don’t know how to fight like they can sell a pay-per-view. It sucks, but there’s nothing I can do.”

Evinger joked that maybe the UFC is waiting until she gets so up in age that she won’t be able to knock off members of its women’s bantamweight division. Not going to happen, Evinger said.

“They want me to get real old so I can’t compete,” Evinger said. “They’re wrong, man. I’m gonna keep on going. I’m gonna be a 60-year-old out there still beating up 20s.”