Like a high school varsity basketball team who’s seen most of its star players graduate to college ball, all-female fighting organization Invicta FC trudges on. That’s right, folks, this weekend will bring us another installment – this one Invicta FC 9 – and the event, which will air on Fight Pass (hopefully in its entirety), features a bunch of skilled and competent ladies who did not yet get their diplomas and get to choose a major at UFC University. But should you care that Invicta FC is on? Will it be a worthwhile thing to devote your attention to on Saturday night?

Eh. Maybe.

There aren’t too many stars left in the organization now that the UFC has picked it clean for their TUF 20 venture and to swell their WMMA ranks. Invicta FC still has Michelle Waterson, and headlining this card is flyweight champ Barb Honchak – a fighter so gritty she leaves piles of sand wherever she sits down. Other than Kaitlin Young, there really isn’t anyone else on the Invicta FC 9 with name recognition. Of course, given how many UFC Fight Night cards are stocked with no-names nowadays, an unrecognizable lineup isn’t much of a crime anymore. Still, in determining whether or not you should watch, the mystery of who can do what makes getting excited tough…

Anyway, here’s Honchak winning her flyweight belt. Watch and decide for yourself if you should tune in on Saturday.